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Magic Slimming Plastic Wrap

Magic Slimming Plastic Wrap

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Magic Slimming Plastic Wrap helps you to achieve your dream shape by accelerating your slimming process. Just apply slimming creams or lotions and keep them in place for maximum absorption of the skin by wrapping them in place with these plastic wraps. The Osmotic Slimming Plastic Wrap has excellent thermal and thermogenic effects that make you sweat more when you work out. The slimming wrap is an absolute abdominal fat burner for women, raises body temperature in the mid-abdomen and helps to shed water weight away from your waist and abdomen.

Features & Benefits:

  • Won't fall off during activities
  • Perfect for your daily workout
  • Easy to use and requires no special maintenance
  • Cooperating with weight loss creams and exercise
  • Tear-resistant and easy to use
  •  Perfect for daily use
  • two normal rolls in one 
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